Bang Nam Phueng The Hidden Oasis Of Bangkok

Bang Nam Phueng
Written by Sulaiman

Bang Nam Phueng

I went many time to Bangkok but this time was really exciting it is the first time i have ever seen this in Bangkok city Bang Nam Phueng it is an attraction site on one side of the city of Bangkok. Many travelers and visitors do not know this place.because it is not congested with many tourists it became different from Bangkok town, as we know Bangkok can be tedious because of air pollution, traffic jam and general confusion of the city. It is advisable to visit Bang Nam Phueng to enjoy and to have a break off from chaotic Bangkok.

Banu NamTree

Bang Nam Phueng is the best site for those who like echo tourism. It has fresh air between the variety of trees and therefore its best for walking or bicycling between trees. Bang Num gives you the opportunity of watching and have an idea of the old Thai houses and gives you the chance of understanding ecological and social aspects of Bangkok. Bang Nam is very affordable place where you can have cofe, rent bikes or you can take a ferry to the place. It gives you the opportunity of discovering more than you knew before. Bamboo treesĀ  makes the atmosphere to be soothing. In Summer, the heat starts in the afternoon, and therefore it is recommendable to visit in mornings.

The most convenient means to get to it is by use of bicycle because it is located on Chao Phraya River. You can rent the bike to take you there from the pier as each bike costs 50 Bhat. Carry the map for guidance, bottles of water and your best clothes for cycling.

Bang Nam Phueng houses a small and exciting hotel known as Bangkok tree house. You can make a stopover in one of its caves for refreshments and nourishment. For those who are interested in doing local activities can get the service of a person here who teaches everything including the making of herbal pillows. If you are tired and you want body refreshments, there are massage experts make sure that your visit here is enjoyable. If you are interested in making Thai handcrafts and joss sticks, you can get those skills here. It is home to ancient temples which are very beautiful and therefore it is advisable to visit them once you are here. There is also a guest lounge which caters to your accommodation. The accommodation is beautified and decollated well to meet modern taste. Its features include bathroom area fitted with a shower. It also has a modern bed and working area which has a desktop on the second floor. Most guests stop here to refresh and have a cup of coffee as they admire views of the river at on the top roof terrace. It is such a lovely place. The opposite side of it houses bang krachao, a similar area with the same environment.

Banu Nam pier

Directions to get there

You should take a BTS to Bangna station. Once you get here you should have a taxi which will take you to wat Bangna Nok pier, board a small boat to cross the river; boat services costs 5 Baht. After enjoyment and when you want to get back to your accommodation, go back to the pier nok pier then take a taxi that will take you to Bangna BTS station.

Have a visit to Bang Nam Phueng, and you will have best enjoyments and unforgetable DIY day trip from Bangkok


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