Dubai Expo 2020 Highlights

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Since the inception of the Dubai Expo 2020 project in 2010, it has been more than just a buzzword in the UAE. It’s been eight years since Dubai’s bid won over the World Expo selection committee in Paris.

Some are still trying to figure out what lies ahead with the curtain now being raised to the world’s greatest show. But, many are already anticipating what’s in store.

So, if you’re new to it, let us fill you in on what Dubai Expo 2020 highlights are all about. The eyes of the world are on Dubai, and you’d better get familiar fast.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

The World Expo 2020 is the most recent edition in a long line of World Expos held worldwide. The first World Expo took place in London, United Kingdom, in 1851.

Shows are a worldwide gathering of countries working together to tackle the most pressing issues, with visitors coming in their thousands to attend – where they can participate in immersive, engaging, and interactive activities.

How can one get to the Expo 2020 Dubai?

The quickest and simplest approach to Expo 2020 is Dubai Metro, which stops close to the entrance. The city has several parking spaces. Furthermore, many visitor parking places are accessible to you outside every district’s boundaries, and free shuttle buses run between the car parks and the districts.

Expo Dubai Pavilions 

To commemorate the event, we’ve compiled unmissable pavilions for Dubai Expo 2020 you won’t want to miss out on.

UAE Pavilion Expo 2020

  1. Visit the largest Expo Pavilion.
    UAE Pavilion The host nation is undoubtedly the largest structure at Expo 2020, and it’s visible from miles away. The iconic building, which covered 15,000 sq. meters and resembled a flying falcon’s wings, is a testament to Andong Korea’s architectural history. It’s where you’ll go if you wish to see a glimpse of the site.


Saudi Pavilion Expo 2020

  1. Visit the Second Largest Expo Pavilion
    Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion is the second biggest pavilion, and it serves as a structure for the kingdom’s future. The structure covers a massive 13,069 sq. meters and comprises five stories. It is all environmentally friendly, with an environmentally sensitive design that usually pays homage to a kingdom’s culture.


  1. Take a spin on Virgin Hyperloop.
    At the DP World FLOW pavilion, you will see a replica of the hyperloop that will soon come to the UAE. The visitors will have a chance to sit in a passenger pod and experience first-hand what it’s like to take a trip on a futuristic train.


  1. Enjoy time with the robots.
    There are 152 robots on-site, each with a different purpose. Terminus Group created these to welcome you, secure the place remotely , help you get where you want to go, and serve you some hors d’oeuvres.


  1. Defy gravity at the Water Feature in Expo 2020
    The universe’s elements come into conflict in this space. The water feature reaches over 12 meters in height and drops water sheets into a flame circle, defying the gravity at night while sending water up to the sky.

Interesting Facts About The Dubai Expo 2020

The initial consideration that comes to mind is whether or not it’s even possible to stage the World Expo. The scale and magnitude of this global event are beyond comprehension, and Dubai will do everything in its power to make it unforgettable for all time.

Facts about Dubai Expo 2020

  1. Dubai fought eight cities to become the host of the World Expo
    In 2013, Dubai fought eight cities to win the right to host World Expo. This includes Turkey’s Izmir, Brazil’s Sao Paulo, Russia’s Ekaterinburg, and Thailand’s Ayuthaya.


  1. Expo 2020 welcomes more than 25 Million Visitors
    From October 2021 to March 2022, the Expo 2020 Dubai will welcome more than 25 million visitors. That’s when you combine all of Greece and Belgium’s people.


  1. Foreign visitors come in large numbers.
    One of the fascinating Dubai Expo 2020 facts is that there will be a record proportion of foreign visitors. It’s estimated that 70% of the total attendees come from outside the UAE.


  1. Over 200,000 jobs were available for this event.
    The Dubai expo is anticipated to create approximately 277,149 employment opportunities and attract a large number of visitors. The majority of these positions are in the travel and tourism industry.


  1. 100,000 Hotel Rooms
    Dubai has taken all the necessary steps to handle the 20 million foreign visitors. Already 100,000 hotel rooms are ready to cater to the targeted visitors.


  1. A huge structure
    The Dubai Expo will be held in the city of Dubai and will cover 220,000 square meters. The exhibition space is 4 kilometers long and 1.8 kilometers wide, significantly larger than New York City’s Grand Central Station on foot

Dubai Expo Panorama view


Tips for visiting Dubai expo 2020

The first Expo 2020 Dubai was held from March to October 2021. It featured a series of pavilions designed by world-renowned architects.  The event welcomed over 60 million visitors from around the globe. Below are some tips for Expo 2020:


  1. Do not expect to cover it all in one day.
    There’s a lot to see while walking around the site, which takes about an hour. There are many pavilions, restaurants, and activities in each of the three districts, and exploring them all might take a day.


  1. Daytime is quieter than the evenings
    During the day, there are few visitors to this place. It opens at 10 a.m; each day, and during the day, it’s much quieter, with foot traffic picking up and the temperature drops in the late afternoon and evening, the best time to arrive 10am and start your day from there.


  1. Prepare to wait in line for some popular pavilions.
    While most pavilions will allow visitors right away, some more popular exhibits, such as the Singapore Pavilion, UAE Pavilion, and Germany Pavilion, may require queuing to access during peak hours, you can link your ticket to Expo20202 app and avoid the line by smart queue.


  1. Tick off the pavilions with the Expo passportYou may buy the official Expo 2020 Dubai passport, which is available in bright canary yellow across the Expo site. And as you leave each pavilion, get a stamp to fill your passport with all the places you’ve visited

Ihope you found this to be useful and have an enjoyable visit to Dubai Expo 2020



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