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We can all agree that Dubai is a major tourist destination that attracts thousands and thousands of visitors each year. The country has beautiful malls and many five star hotels. Now, it has gotten even better, if you love camping and nature, Dubai is your place to go. With the development of the Hatta Wadi Hub between the mountains, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss visiting Hatta Wadi Hub in your lifetime.


Where is Hatta Wadi Hub Located?

To get to the hub, you have to drive for about 90 minutes , it is located approximately, 120 kilometers from the City of Dubai. The road leading to the recreational center has well-landscaped terrains, and you can also view the mountains.

Where to Stay

Trailer accommodation

hatta Trailer accommodation

It is only at Hatta that you will find trailer accommodation in Dubai. The Hatta Sedr trailers are designed such that they have couches and chairs to accommodate the campers. If you fancy sleeping in the wild next to the Hatta Dam, then you will love the trailers. The rooms have kitchenettes where you can cook your food from and a common area to light a fire if the weather becomes too cold to handle. You are also offered barbecue facilities such that you can camp overnight roasting some meat with friends as you sing childhood songs. What better way could you spend your holidays? I bet none.


Hatta Damani Lodge

damani ladge

Would it not be interesting to be in the middle of a mountain and sleep in a lodge that offers you a five-star service? Yes, at Damani Lodge, you get accommodation in beautifully decorated rooms situated along the bike riding trails. The serene environment surrounding the Damani Lodges will give you relief from the busy life in the towns we live in.

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Hatta Wadi Hub Activities


  • Hatta Drop-in

There are slides constructed such that one has to either slide down into the water or jump from the top. The drop in is terrific because it gets your blood rushing from the thought of the sound you make when you drop into the waters. The activity is best for people who love diving.

  • Zipline tours

There are also zip line tours that will likely offer a surreal experience for the adrenaline junkies. Imagine moving from one end of the mountains to the other end. Usually, you are tied on a cord that is attached to a zip line. It is a fun activity for the times you feel like you want to have some adrenaline rush.

  • Kayaking

Ever thought of spending your holidays kayaking somewhere in quiet waters? Well, Hatta Dam which is 10 min driving from wadi hub offers that and much more. You can spend almost an hour gliding through the pools of Hatta as you watch the beautiful sceneries surrounding the dam. It even gets better because you are offered life jackets and paddles to ensure your safety in the Dubai waters.

  • Axe throwing

Axe throwing exercise is the first of its kind in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates region. You get first-hand training from experts. You are trained on how to throw metals and wood of various weights before you are allowed to play the real game. It can be a fun way to burn the calories you will have added from all the holiday eating.

  • Archery

It is a known fact that archery is the most valued sport in the UAE. Now to make it more fun, the sport can be played at the Hatta. The game is ideal for all levels of players ranging from amateurs to experts. The playing field is such that there are five playing lanes and the target is placed at a distance of 10 meters from the paths. If you love archery, then Hatta Wadi Hub is your ideal destination.

  • Hiking

If you have a thirst for hiking and exploration of the wadis, then your desire will be quenched at the Hatta. Imagine trekking along the paths surrounding Mount Hajar; you can even walk as far as the border of Dubai and Oman. Yes, it is possible to get to Oman without taking a flight. Along the way, you will see different landscapes ranging from sandy areas to the rocky mountains of Hajar. All you need is to brace yourself with the right attire and some snacks.


  • Bike riding

The hub has some interesting paths set out for mountain bike riders. There are instructors, and you get to experience real climbing of a mountain but now using bikes. The coaches are divided into three categories. One category is for the children, another for riders who are not sufficiently experienced and one for total amateurs. The exercise is fun and ideal for all adventure lovers. The Hatta Wadi Hub has about 60 bikes available for rental and the trail set out for biking is approximately 52 kilometers. The path has four challenging levels for anyone up to some challenge. The facility also offers a variety of accessories such as helmets, attire, and knee guards for bikers. You can even buy the accessories to carry back home.

Hatta Wadi Hub

Sports Activities Underway

There are other activities that the developers are still developing such as twin zip line tours, cannon, mountain carts, palm course, and wall climbing.

In summary, Hatta Wadi Hub is the new tourist destination in Dubai. The hub provides a diverse environment from the usual tall buildings and big hotels in Dubai. There are all sorts of activities you can engage in while at the Hatta such as archery, axe throwing, hiking, mountain biking, zip line tours, drop in, and kayaking along the Hatta Dam. While at the Hatta, you need not worry about where to stay because you can find just the perfect rooms at the Damani Lodges and the Hatta Sedr Trailers. The accommodation is one of its kind offering five-star services despite being located at the food of Hajar Mountain. Hatta Wadi Hub is a must-visit destination for everyone who would want to experience fun and nature.


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