How To Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination is a habit that people don’t want in their life. Yet, many people deal with this issue all throughout their life. Are you the type of person that always puts things off to the last minute? Do you constantly take your time doing things that should be done right away? Well, if these habits describe you, then you’re a procrastinator. Hey, don’t fret. You are not alone, and you can change these bad habits. The following information will show you how to do that.

“Some times people want to change few things all of these connected with the changes but many people want no change , just to be relaxed and be in his comfort zone so they don’t do anything because they see that the price of changes are very high”

Elena Sheviakova (PCC ICF Coach)

What does procrastination mean ?

What is procrastination definition ? This word simply means to delay, postpone, or to put off doing something. The procrastinate definition also means that a person intentionally delays, postpones, or to put off accomplishing a task or following through with an action.

Understand the following point. A person who procrastinates makes it a point not to do something when they should. This doesn’t mean that a procrastinator will not complete a task or follow through with an action. However, they take their sweet time getting it done.

The word procrastinate comes from the Latin lexicon. The original Latin word is known as procrastinates. In Latin, this word means “forward” and “of tomorrow”. So, when you put these two meanings together you get doing something in the future or delaying something until a later time.

There are many Synonyms for Procrastination word, like delaying, put on pause, hesitating, wavering, not following through right away, postpone for later and dilly dally yes, many people dilly dally around when they should be doing something worthwhile with their lives. The previous sentence was a just an excuse to use the forgotten term dilly dally. No one says dilly dally anymore; but you get the picture. There are many words and phrases that can be used for procrastination.

What is the opposite of procrastination?

While synonyms have a similar meaning to a word, there are some words and phrases that mean the opposite of this bad characteristic. By the way, these words are called antonyms, but you probably don’t care. Anyway, when a person completes a task on time, they are not procrastinating.

Words that are opposite of procrastination include to complete, carry out, persist, and expedite. Phrases such as getting the job done, staying ahead of the curve, life is short do the stuff that matters, and don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today are also opposite of this word.

Again, I know some of these sayings are bit “classic”, but they are time honored bits of wisdom from the past. Everyone likes to be wise and you can use these words to motivate you to get a job done or to complete a task.

Procrastination: How this Bad Habit can Cause a Mental Health Issue

While the coronavirus pandemic has swept the world, that doesn’t mean that all our former problems have went away. Mental health issues are still a major concern for millions of people. One factor that contributes to mental health is procrastination. You might be surprised to know that fact.

Depression and procrastination are closely linked. Why? People who constantly procrastinate realize they have a problem. As a result, they become depressed. They simply have a bad habit of not following through with what needs to be done. Since this is the case, they become upset with themselves.

Negative thoughts and opinions begin to form about themselves. If a person isn’t able to consistently cope with their negative thoughts and opinions, they will need to seek help. A psychologist or counselor can then help any person with some strategies to cope with this problem.

Procrastination and anxiety can also happen. Procrastination can lead to anxiety because people who constantly put off doing what they should, always seem like they can never get things right. This in turn creates a mental block that makes them believe that they are not capable of accomplishing much in life. In some cases, they will even let go of doing the things that they should.

When a person knows that they should do something, and doesn’t do it, this could lead to serious problems with their character. That is a major drawback of being a procrastinator. Sometimes procrastination can cause people to lose their jobs, family, or even their sense of self-respect. Some people can lose their important task in their life , lose a project, or end up losing something valuable when they procrastinate.

You should also know that your body can develop headaches and stomach pains from frequent procrastination. Procrastination also experience lots of tension and aches in their body as well. Stress is often the result of frequent procrastination. When people realize that they should have done something important and they are paying consequences for their procrastination, this could also lead to body pains and issues as well.

Remember, all people will eventually procrastinate. This is something that people do. However, any person that continues to procrastinate will develop a habit of carrying out this problem. Depression and anxiety could be the end result of the problem.

How do most people procrastinate in life ?

Many people don’t always do what they should do, when they have to take action. Many people don’t improve the quality of their lives when they should. A lot of people don’t pay their bills on time. Quite a few people will delay going back to school.

Don’t forget this point that is about to be made. Many people are naturally lazy. They don’t like to work or do things. They are not go-getters and they are not motivated. Procrastination often creeps up on people who like to do very little in life. Laziness is a serious precursor to being a procrastinator.

There are people who do not follow through with projects. Some individuals won’t leave a bad situation right away when they realize it is time to get out. You can always find a person who believes that they do not have to act right away regarding promises.

Things you should know : Not completing daily or routine tasks will quickly develop a lifestyle of procrastination , truthfully, people procrastinate for many different reasons and in many different ways. Some people enjoy delaying things, but most do not. Again, many people don’t make it a habit to become procrastinators. They simply develop this habit by not consistently following through with things that need to be done.

How to Beat Procrastination ?

Psychologists, therapists, and counselors all agree that procrastination can be overcome. This is especially true for people who are struggling with this issue. Let’s take a look at the recommendations they make to change this behavior.

  • You must be Aware that you Have a Problem

If you are not aware of the fact that you are a procrastinator, you probably won’t change. Psychologists and counselor know that they cannot help a person who doesn’t see an issue with negative behavior. While most people realize that procrastination is usually not a good thing, there are some people who believe that it is a virtue. These individuals cannot be helped to change.

  • What are the reasons that cause you to procrastinate?

People procrastinate for different reasons. Many people are lazy and don’t like to do things in life. Other people are fearful of doing what they should. They are afraid that there will be consequences, or they simply don’t want to deal with taking action. Plenty of people don’t want to be responsible for their life. This is why they procrastinate.

Procrastination can also be linked to a trauma experienced in life and some people have strong self-doubt and the fear of failing as hinderances to accomplishing goals. Procrastination can also result from being disorganized. Billions of people are disorganized. They have a tendency to put off stuff because they don’t have a clear picture about how to get things done.

Sometimes, people will procrastinate because a task is too complex or beyond their abilities to complete. People hesitate doing things for different reasons. You must figure out why you procrastinate and then make the necessary changes to overcome this habit.

  • If the goal not inspires you will will procrastinate

All people who really achieve something they was doing everyday even small things to achieve their goals because the goal was inspiring them so much and still inspiring , they create and create new goals that inspires them , if you see your goal and dream seems too much big and far and you not really believe you can do it and it seems not achievable , this smart model can help of course because it is measurable, achievable and time bound

Elena Sheviakova (PCC ICF Coach)

The Importance of Self-Forgiveness for Being a Procrastinator

People are a lot harder on themselves than any of us could imagine. While not all people are extremely self-critical, many individuals are. Procrastinators have a tendency to be hard on themselves. Using the concept of self-forgiveness helps people to overcome this issue. Applying self-forgiveness to this situation gives a person the grace to change and to be better.

  • Follow through with Tasks, Plans, Promises, Commitments

One of the simplest ways to beat procrastination is to simply start doing what you should be doing. The solution is that simple. The problem is that many people have other hinderances that keeps them stuck in a state of procrastination. When you start to follow through with things you will be able to overcome your problems.

  • Make a To-Do-List and Follow Through with It

A To-Do-List is a good method for helping you to overcome procrastination. This list should be filled out with different things on it that you must accomplish. Your list should include daily tasks and chores, promises you make to people (if you have made them) and important things you need to get done. Once you start to make a habit of completing tasks on your list, your procrastination should decrease.

  • Get an Accountability Partner

You should get an accountability partner for your procrastination. This will help you to stay on task when you’re not doing what you should. If you decide to go this route, you cannot get mad at or argue with your accountability partner. You must realize that they are helping you to overcome your problem. If you don’t like the idea of being accountable, then try to be accountable to yourself. Studies and research prove that people generally complete tasks and don’t procrastinate when they have someone to watch their behavior.

  • Reward Yourself

Give yourself a reward for every time that you complete a task. This will motivate you to continue accomplishing your goals or completing jobs. If you have a spouse or significant other, they can give you a special treat when you don’t procrastinate. The reward doesn’t matter, just do something that you enjoy when you don’t procrastinate.

Ted Talk Procrastination

Ted Talk is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to spreading information. This organization holds various discussion on different topics. They also have special guest speakers who address the issue of procrastination. Their discussions are frank and candid. They provide insightful information about why people procrastinate, and they give practical solutions that can be utilized to overcome this issue. Have a look on this video in one of ted talks

Are there some good things that come from procrastination ?

While procrastination is not necessarily a virtue, it can be used in this way. Some people can use the habit of procrastination to help improve circumstances and situations. Here is an explanation about how this would work.

  • It is Wise to Take your Time Making Important Decisions

People who delay their decision-making processes generally make wiser decisions. The key to using this strategy effectively, is to follow through with a decision at some point. You can’t delay your decision-making process and continue to put it off. This strategy also works because it will allow you to gather as much information as possible to influence your final thought on a matter.

  • Don’t Mind the Little Things

Sometimes procrastination will help people to realize that they do not have to mind the unimportant things. People are often busy in life trying to do a lot of different stuff. A lot of the stuff that people do really isn’t that important. When you procrastinate you will see this more clearly.

For example, periodically cleaning up your home is something that everyone should do to improve their living conditions. However, nobody has to dust the shelves every day. Most people homes are not that filthy. There are some exceptions to this situation. Still, most people don’t have to worry about a lot of the little tasks all the time, if they do them some of the time.

  • Sometimes Procrastination will Give you More Creativity at Resolving a Problem

Many people often make decisions aright away or they are quick to complete task in a short amount of time. Again, this is a good thing. However, some decision and tasks need time. This will allow you to figure out creative or improved ways to handle problems or to finish a job.

Ultimately, no one should live a defeated life because of procrastination. While it might be hard to change, people can improve their lives in this area. Just remember to start with the small things and continue to develop a work habit and get motivated. These two factors will go a long way with helping you to overcome procrastination.

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