Top 10 Future Projects of Dubai

Ever wonder about the marvelous city of Dubai? Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates recording about 2,788,929 people. It is no secret that Dubai is now known as one of the most advanced cities as it has made the leap to be the business hub of the Middle East. For many years the main source of revenue came from oil production and trade; today oil ranks less than 30% of Dubai’s total revenue. So, if it is not oil then what is it that drives and progresses this immense city to move forward?

Tourism, That is right the tourist rate in Dubai collects a grand amount of income that helps maintain the high speed of this beautiful city. Many new projects have emerged and attract individuals from all over the world. Note the various wonderful recent projects that have led Dubai to be a chart topping city.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame
With hopes of promoting ‘the new face of Dubai’ Fernando Donis and his office DONIS created and titled the Dubai Frame. The design, standing at 150 meters (492 feet) high and 105 meters (344.5 feet) wide, was chosen as the winner of the 2009 Thyssen Krupp Elevator International Award. The frame was selected due to the perspective it gave of Dubai. Facing one direction, one could see the representative landmarks of modern Dubai, while in the other direction one could view older parts, or the roots and past, of the growing and ever-changing city. The Dubai Frame has helped in the world’s perspective of the transformation of Dubai into the global city it is today.
Museum of the Future
Announced in March 2015 the Museum of the Future is on track to open in the heart of Dubai in December 2018. With the motto, ‘See the future, create the future’ the museum will be home to many exciting uprising futuristic inventions. In addition, it will be a center of incubation for new inventions and the museum of prototyped ideas. The focus of the Museum of the Future is to promote design, technology, prototyping and other directions of foresight to create real and exciting modes of change. The museum desires to bring together all those who research, design, invent, and finance. This great motive came to be by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who believes that “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.” His statement perfectly aligns with the Museum of the Future.


Aladdin City 
Dubai also has projects harboring off their own true roots. Inspired by the classic story of Aladdin and the tales of Sindbad the Sailor from ‘Arabian Nights’, Aladdin City will be situated near the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The development of this new “city” has hopes to “have the effect of cultural and historical pride for generations to come and contribute to the progress of the emirate and its survival always,” stated Hussain Nasser Lootah Director-General of Dubai’s Municipality. Aladdin City will consist of six towers, some with the design to represent Aladdin’s magic lamp. The towers will be linked by air-conditioned bridges with moving walkways or magic carpets for tourist satisfaction. If one is seeking a true cultural experience, Aladdin City is at the top of the list of what to do while in Dubai.

the tower dubai

Dubai Creek Harbor
Located in the nearby area of Aladdin City is the beautiful Dubai Creek Harbor. Dubai creek is an historic area where wooden sailing boats still continue to cross the river mouth for trade. The upcoming project to progress the historic area is The Tower at Dubai which will be the tallest building in the world upon completion It is expected to be completed by 2020 . The tower will be an observational attraction to tourists and locals as it will become Dubai’s new tallest tower. It will contain ten different observation decks with some offering 360-degree views of the city. From the peak of the tower, a ‘beacon of light’ will emit across the night sky demanding attention from all. Just as the rise of Dubai is calling from the world.

MBR City

Mohammed bin Rashid City
Another city within a city? Attracting tourists of all ages is MBR, or Mohammed bin Rashid, city. The complex is comprised of four different and exciting components.

First, family tourism. With a park capable to receive 35 million annual visitors, Mohammed bin Rashid city will be the largest family leisure and entertainment complex throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Indian subcontinents. It has hopes to be established in correlation and connection with Universal Studios and will house over 100 new hotels for convenience. Not to mention, there will additionally be a large 40-acre swimming pool for all to enjoy.

Second, retail. Located inside MBR city, the largest shopping mall, The Mall of the World. This easily calls and attracts all the high-end shoppers out there.

Third, the arts. MBR city will be the home to the largest area for art galleries in the Middle East and North Africa, ‘Cultural Crossing’ will be the connection of Downtown Dubai and Business Bay to the rest of Mohammed bin Rashid city.

Fourth, entrepreneurship and innovation. MBR city will have the capability to entertain tourists and locals in all their wants and wishes while visiting.

The Mall of the World

The Mall of the World
As mentioned before, coming in next is the main attraction for all the shoppers out there. The Mall of the World is projected to be the largest shopping center of its kind, comprised of more than 4,500,000 square meters (48 million square feet). This attraction will include eight million square feet of shopping, the largest indoor game park in the world covered by a retractable dome with the ability to open during the winter seasons, multiple areas for theaters, cultural events, medical centers, and 20,000 hotel rooms. It has been noted that the mall hopes and is capable to receive 180 million visitors or more each year.

Nakheel Mall
If the Mall of the World doesn’t satisfy all of one’s shopping needs there is no need to worry. Dubai is also home of Nakheel Mall which never disappoints. Nakheel Mall states that it is “synonymous with style and success and is dedicated to create a vibrant and unique upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment environment for the whole family.” Nakheel Mall hopes to provide ease and comfort by providing a range of services including, but not limited to, Wi-Fi, ATMs, strollers, and help desks. One can find all their shopping, entertainment, and dining needs inside the walls of Nakheel Mall without disappointment. This is a wonderful and spectacular option for each family and their shopping get-away.

Palm the Pointe
Nearby Nakheel Mall the next stop is Palm the Pointe. Stretching across 1.4 million square feet is a waterfront retail, dining, and entertainment complex. Satisfying the wants and needs for all varieties of persons, Palm the Pointe is easily accessible via The Palm Monorail conveniently connected via Dubai Tram and Dubai Metro Stations. After dropping the car in one of the 1,600 spaces visitors can enjoy an extraordinary promenade with a variety of waterfront venues for dining, shopping, and socializing. One must not forget to also watch the spectacular fountain shows opportunely located and situated in the promenade.

Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island 
If seeking a bit of thrill while in Dubai then Bluewaters Island is the desired place to go. Man-made and built just off the coastline of Jumeirah Beach Residence, Bluewaters Island is home to the Dubai Eye, a 210 meter (689 feet) tall giant Ferris wheel. The island will of course also feature entertainment, dining, and retail opportunities. In addition, there will be residential and hospitality areas to accommodate all in attendance. For convenience, the island will be connected to the mainland with a direct roadway from the Sheikh Zayed Road. Bluewaters will also operate a mono rail system to transport visitors between the metro station and the entertainment zones. The final touch will be a pedestrian walkway connected to the Jumeirah Beach Residence beachfront. Bluewaters Island will be an adventure for all who seek it.

Dubai Water Canal 
Finishing things off in a visit to Dubai is the illustrious Dubai Water Canal. The canal includes one shopping center, four hotels, luxury housing properties, walkways and cycling paths, and a broad choice of 450 different restaurants. The canal runs three-kilometers (1.86 miles) long beginning in Business Bay moving into the Arabian Gulf and then traveling through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The canal’s widths range from 80-meters (262.5 feet) to 120-meters (393.7 feet) and is six meters (19.7 feet) deep. At the mouth of the canal one will be able view the infamous trade center in action.

If seeking innovation, entertainment, luxurious dining, and retail then Dubai is the place to go. With many features and attractions from the old city, Dubai also provides a jump into the modern world and a look at global progress. Dubai is undergoing a wide variety of industrious projects that are leading the city to sit on the top of the bucket list. Looking through the Frame of Dubai provides one with the ability to see the past and as well view the future. Making it the perfect travel destination for all. Dubai is certainly not a place to be overlooked and they will make sure of it.

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