Why Economic Airlines Are Cheaper ?

Economic Airlines
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Economic Airlines

Fly For Cheap

There are many different types of airlines that you can use to fly around the world. However, amidst the many different options, you’ll find that there are some airlines that pride themselves on being “cheaper” than others. These “cheap airlines” will give you discounted rates, and will connect you to a lot of destinations for far less than other similar airlines. But the question remains, why are economic airlines cheaper than the rest? There are a lot of reasons for this, and could very well change the way that you view economic airlines and cheap flights in general.


More Seats To Fill

The first thing that you’re going to find to be true about cheap airlines is that they have a high-density cabin. They can fit far more seats in a single class cabin, putting more available seats in their airplanes per flight. More seats, means low cost fares, and more chances for the company to make money on quantity. More seats to be filled means less leg room, less space overall, and more people per flight.


Efficiency (Turnaround)

Discount airlines have a faster turnaround ratio. They move people in and out of planes quickly, with use of smaller regional airports, and fast terminal solutions. The average turnaround on a cheaper airline is roughly 20 minutes less than other regular airlines, and it’s due to the way that the planes are utilized.


Shorter Routes (Direct Flights)

Another option to consider is the routes that are utilized. The routes used by discount airlines are shorter, therefore faster, and without a lot of transfers or delays, cheaper airlines can get passengers to locations swiftly. By offering more direct flights, efficiency and cost meet head to head for lower rates.


Lower Overhead

Discount airlines use smaller airports, regional offerings, and therefore have lower overhead to deal with. By using regional terminals, the ground facilities may not have the same bells and whistles that larger airports have, therefore dropping the price tag of each fare.


Internet Ticket Sales

Ticket sales are mostly done online, with some companies even offering discounts if you book online instead of at a physical terminal. Others offer apps for smartphones that give discounted rates and specials frequently.


Pay For Everything Else

Cheaper airlines will discount airfare and get you to your location for less. But don’t expect anything else for free. That includes snacks, water, and all creature comforts that regular airlines may give you. That’s right, no water, no food, and no creature comforts without spending a great deal more after the fact. This also means baggage restrictions, and fees if you don’t disclose ahead of schedule.


Less Variety of Planes (Maintenance Costs)

Airlines spend a great deal of money on maintenance, mechanics, fuel, and more. Discount airlines only have a few types of planes, if not only “one” type. That means that it is going to cost less for maintenance, and the savings get passed on to the consumer. Cheaper training, cheaper maintenance fees, and lower overhead all factor into the cost of a ticket, which is favorable for consumers looking for low cost airline tickets.


Smaller Staffing

Airlines that offer discounted rates have less crew. They operate with far less people, which means lower pay roll, lower sales, and taxes. That means that the company is making profit with every ticket sold, rather than having to share dividends with employees through HR situations. This is favorable for the company, and for passengers looking for discounted airfare.


More Sales

Beyond the everyday low sales, many cheaper airlines offer seasonal sales, holiday sales, loyalty programs, and much more. Each airline offers their own app, discounts for email subscribers, and so much more. With a constant push of additional sales, fares can reach far lower than the larger airliners.

At the end of the day, the above are just some of the main reasons why economic airlines are indeed cheaper. These companies run at a lower cost, and give consumers no frills. No frills, cheap airfare, with minimal customer service offerings is how these companies stay afloat. If you want a luxury element, you will not find it with discounted airlines, as they don’t offer any upgrades or luxuries without paying an additional sum. Even standard options are foreign to discount airlines.

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