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Best Time To Post On Instagram

best time instagram post
Written by Sulaiman

best time instagram post

It is certainly not in doubt that Instagram has given us great power to socialize, share and interact with our associates. The platform has gained wide acceptance and is presently actively used by well over 1 billion people worldwide.

Gaining access to the platform in and of itself is not enough. That is because different people access the platform at different times. It is only wise of you to know when exactly to time your posts for the greatest reach and maximum exposure.

Our discussions here under endeavors to provide the appropriate guidance to this effect. The first part of the conversations tackle the best times to post on Instagram. The second part looks into those tools which may help you to post effectively.



Generally speaking, messages come in various shapes, sizes, forms, and types. For this reason, it may never be wise to post anything randomly on Instagram. To know the best time to post on Instagram, you will have to consider a number of factors. They are explained below:

Nature of the Message

As noted, messages vary greatly in scope and type. These variations have a bearing on the most appropriate times to post them on Instagram. Regardless of their inherent differences, it is possible to bundle them in some finite kinds, explained hereunder:

  • Breaking News and Developing Story – Breaking news refers to that new or fresh piece of information which has just taken place. Developing Story, on the other hand, is an event which had already occurred but which is followed for the sake of more information or deeper insight.

All factors considered, it is better to post such issues at the time when they are most relevant regardless of the time of the day they might occur. That is because waiting too long may let them get stale and irrelevant to the targeted audience.


There is also the need to beat the competition. Remember, you are not the only one with an Instagram account who may be intent on posting breaking news. Be sure that you have all your facts right before posting though. You do not want to be apprehended for peddling lies or misleading the public.

  • Reminders – From time to time, you will definitely have to remind your audience or peers of a past event or upcoming activity. These are called reminders and generally follow some predefined frequencies. The exact timing to post a reminder depends mostly on the nature of the reminder.


If it is about a past activity like a memorial service, anniversary, or holiday, the best time to do so is on the exact day it happened. For instance, if you graduated from college on May 8, 2009, the best time to post that reminder would be on May 8 the successive year.

In case the post is about an impending activity, you should post it within a reasonable timeframe before the activity transpires. For example, if you want to remind people of an upcoming ball, post the update around a week before the activity transpires.

  • Normal Posts – This refers to those common and everyday posts that have almost no special attribute or trait. They could be about where you are, what you are up to, the kind of food you take, and so on. They form the bulk of all posts on Instagram.


Most of the time, these posts are ignored by the people whom they are targeted. That is why you want to time your posting appropriately for maximum exposure and highest impressions. A series of studies conducted on the use of Instagram reveals two insights.

Many people access the platform from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday ( we are talking l globally ) . It is hence in your best interest to post your contents within those Instagram peak hours. It is only then that many will get to see them.

  • Marketing Campaigns – Other than advertising your merchandise, Instagram also allows you to post updates regarding the products you have on offer to your target audience. There is no universal good time to do so though.


That is because products vary deeply in sizes, shapes, prices, and forms. This means that what may be a ripe time for one product may be averse to another product. You hence have to be mindful of the nature of your product before starting out.

You are also required to synchronize your Instagram campaigns with those on the other platforms. For instance, if you run an advert on radio and television, it is also wise to create a parallel Instagram post to complement those adverts.


Special Occasions

We all have some special occasions in our lives. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries to graduation ceremonies, to inauguration addresses, the list of those occasions is truly endless. Yet again, the best time to post those occasions on Instagram is when they happen.

Would it be logical to post about your graduation a month or two after graduating? For anniversaries, would it be sensible to post your anniversary celebration a week or two after it has already elapsed? In fact, you should alert your audience well in advance before the time comes.

This is to give them the psychological preparation required to fully behold the posts. You may use the various tools which Instagram has in store for persons of your kind. These will help you to schedule and apportion your posts appropriately.



Some posts recur after every week, day, month or year. Examples are anniversaries, reminders, and events that occur on a seasonal basis. You have to uphold consistency while posting such updates on Instagram. That is why you have to take care of their frequencies.

To do this, you have to use an event planner tool or software. This is to prevent you from forgetting about the post. At the same time, you also have to set some reminders well in advance before the issues arise.

Lastly, you have to maintain some strict adherence to the set timelines. Remember, people are more likely to trust a consistent person than an inconsistent one. Do offer apologies if you are unable to hit the precise timing.


Time Zone of the targeted Audience

It may not always be that the people you target are in the same time zone as yours. You may be for instance in the Dubai , yet you target an audience in South Africa. These two countries are in different time zones. You hence cannot adhere to the normal time schedules in the Dubai.

This is why you have to factor the time zone where your targeted audience is. Thereafter, schedule your posting as though you would have you been in that time zone. For example, assume you reside in Dubai, UAE and you target an audience in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As we have noted, the best time to post is weekdays from 12 pm to 1 pm. Johannesburg is 2 hours ahead of Dubai. This means 12 pm in Johannesburg is in fact 2 Pm in Dubai . That is the best time to post your contents for maximum impacts.


Media and News Outlets

Instagram also allows media and news outlets to post contents on its platform. They are for a large part exempted from the rules that govern the rest of Instagram users. This stems mostly from their sheer large size, coupled with global characters.

These organizations hence can post randomly or whenever they might want. Many though prefer duplicating their contents. That is posting their contents twice a day to cater to those who might not be awake when the event happened at first.

Due to their truly reliable nature, the Instagram followers of these organizations will usually refer to their bios to follow up earlier stories or updates. It hence does not make that much of a difference when they post their updates.



Having exhausted when to post updates on Instagram, we now want to look into those tools which may aid you in determining the best time to post on Instagram. A number of tools and apps do exist for your help and support. For the sake of time and space, we have decided to narrow on just a few of them:


Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics are tools which monitor the behaviors and performances of Instagram users. Using the information extracted by these tools, it is necessary for you to know when and how best to post your contents.


These tools, among others, help you to:

  • Monitor the trends and activities of your Instagram followers. You will be able to, for instance, see whenever someone pins from your sire or comments on your posts.
  • Gain insight into key performance parameters. These include your pin domain, Instagram profiles, hashtags, and many more others.
  • Know who viewed your posts and videos and as well as the likes and comments they evoke. This will definitely let you plan appropriately for your subsequent postings.

Here are Two of the best Instagram scheduling tools

Onlypult  , Later 


Scheduling Tools

As their name suggests, these tools help you to make prior arrangements or plans to post contents on Facebook. Some of them may even go further to post that information automatically without your input. Generally, the tools help in:


  • Saving you time while uploading images and posting updates. That is because they do these often on their own or queue them and alert you later.
  • Posting the same content on multiple sites other than Instagram. These could include Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You do not have to go through the hassles of doing those on your own.
  • Elevating your efficiency in engaging with your audience. This way, you will go a long way in enjoying fruitful outcomes which are unprecedented by other online users.

The tailwind app is perhaps the most reliable tool for this. Get to more about it by clicking here:


Study past Performances of your Posts

By studying the past performances of your posts, you too may get to know when the appropriate time it is to post on Instagram. This approach works best if you have been on Instagram long enough and are short on cash.

It is tedious and requires some expertise especially on matters statistics. Simply skim the posts you have yielded to the platform. Notice their genres and the kinds of impressions they obtained. These pieces of information will definitely let you adjust your expectations appropriately.

The underlying logic here is that the same genre of the post will most likely yield the same impression when posted at the same time of the year. You should be mindful of any peculiarities in the behaviors of your target audience though.

It is indeed important to know when to post on Instagram for best results and reduced hassles. That is why you should not take the information we have furnished above lightly. You might even need some expert assistance if you happen to be a professional marketer.

Having exhausted the discussions, we now urge you to take over from where we have left. Simply skim the list above and narrow down to that strategy which is more likely to yield you the most awesome of impacts.

When do you intend to post on Instagram? Have you found our information above eye-opening? Who else do you plan to share that information with? Kindly let us know in the comments section below!

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