Enjoy the Best Views in Dubai from the Ain Dubai

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Dubai Magnificent Ain Dubai is a giant wheel and an experience in this attraction is the memory of a lifetime. The stunning views that you get while on the observation wheel are unlike any other in the world, Located in Bluewaters island, the observation wheel officially launched on October 21.

Interesting Facts About the Ferris Wheel Ain Dubai

The attraction is a Ferris wheel with 48 capsules for the many quests that ride in it. A single rotation can take about 38 minutes, owing to the massive size of the observation wheel.

The Ain Dubai tallest observation is 250 meters tall and towers high in the sky to offer riders the best views in the world.

Here, you will be able to see things in Dubai that you would not be able to observe from the rooftop of any building. The spinning motion is also quite exciting but quiet and peaceful from the safety and comfort of the cabins.

The Ain Dubai observation cabins are an excellent work of design and architecture unlike any other in the world. This makes it capable of providing an experience that surpasses the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer, and the Melbourne Star.

Ain Dubai by night

Photo by Essa Zahid

The view is even better at sunset due to the nature of the light and its effect on the sights visible from the Ain Dubai.

Each cabin in the Ain Dubai is only allowed to hold between ten and twelve people. The stunning views Ain Dubai provides are best enjoyed in comfort and without many people in the cabin. It is also the reason the tickets are sold out pretty fast.

Many people want to have a feel for what it is like to see Dubai from a very high point of observation which is what the Ain Dubai open view concept provides.

The construction of the Ain Dubai used up 9000 tonnes of steel which means that it took more steel to build the Ain Dubai than it did for the Eiffel Tower. Each spoke of the giant observation wheel is longer than a football pitch.

This means that you have the entire length of two football pitches spanning the diameter of the Ain Dubai. It is indeed the result of incredible engineering and world-class design which made the feat itself possible.

Ain Dubai Day vs Night Views

Ain Dubai sunset

Photo By Nico Ran

The views during the day and those of the night are vastly different but equally incredible. As darkness falls, you get to experience the night appearance of Dubai with all its neon lights.

The sunset is fascinating, and the transition to the beautifully lit Dubai night is simply mind-blowing. The views of the day are also unique as you get to see much of Dubai from a high vantage point.

This means that there are few obstructions, and everything is visible from the comfort of the Ain Dubai. There s much that you can enjoy at the Ferris wheel Ain Dubai, and a ride on this observation wheel is worth it.

Ain Dubai tickets

Accessible alongside other amenities on Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai is an entertainment hot spot with many people interested. This means that the tickets are mostly sold out owing to the massive demand from tourists.

Everyone wants to try the amazing Ain Dubai and the many outstanding views that are provided by this observation wheel. It is open every day, and it costs AED 130 for adults. If you have children, their tickets will cost you AED 100, which means that you can also provide the experience to your young ones.

Since the Ain Dubai open event, people have booked well in advance, and the sunset tickets are precious. If you get to book a sunset slot, you can be guaranteed magical views that will make memories for a lifetime.

The wheel Ain Dubai is an attraction point for people from all backgrounds, and a ticket to the 38-minute ride is an investment that measures up to the experience. When they made Ain Dubai open to the public, tickets were in huge demand owing to the incredible nature of this observation wheel.

You can also purchase the Ain Dubai Family Pass, which includes a shared cabin for two adults and two kids. The package costs AED 370, which is much cheaper than the individual price for four separate tickets.

Additionally, the Ain Dubai Family Plus Pass costs AED 450 and includes everything in the Family Pass package but has beverage and snack options included for your enjoyment. Private cabins have lounge access and a drinks package, but these are slightly more costly at AED 775 to AED 4700, here where you can buy Ain Dubai Tickets 

Views from the Ain Dubai Largest Observation Wheel

When you are in the cabin, you have unrestricted views, thanks to the nature of the design. The transparent facade makes it possible for you to see much of what Dubai has to offer in addition to the landscape and other views that tower tall into the sky.

Ain Dubai view

Photo By Anna

From the Ain Dubai wheel, you can easily see Palm Jumaira,  JLT, Cove Beach, Jebel Ali, and Caesars Palace Bluewaters. These are incredible views that you cannot see quite as clearly from any other point in Dubai, and this makes the Ain Dubai one of the best places to view these places from.

If you like to use Instagram, you will find the Ain Dubai to provide some of the best views for your profile. Just remember to bring your phone on a full charge, power bank can help as well and you will love the astounding views that you will be able to enjoy from the Dubai Eye, as some people call it.

Are you planning an Event? Try the Ain Dubai!

If you think of holding a product launch or a gala dinner for your company, the Ain Dubai is an attractive option. Here, you get the chance to make your event simply unforgettable. Your employees will appreciate the gesture, and you will be able to give them an event to be thankful for.

The Ain Dubai is also an attractive place for students interested in massive construction and engineering projects around the world. They will appreciate the science and engineering that went to the construction of the Ain Dubai.



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