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Digital Nomad Definition

A digital nomad is a professional who works on his computer from any place in the world. By virtue of this professional working remotely he has some fair degree of independence as pertains to the choice of where to live or operate from.

Definitely, this majorly depends on the agreements that are entered into between each individual nomad and the employer but most of them they are freelancer so they have their own decision as the are not attached to employer . Generally, it is the personal lifestyle of the nomad concerned that is the major determinant.

This ability to work from anywhere whether by freelancing your own talents or pouring your investments in other people’s enterprises, gives you the freehand to vacation as you need. In case you are willing to sacrifice and put in the necessary effort, living this dream may become a reality sooner than later.

A digital nomad is really not some kind of a never-ending vacation. Instead, it entails alternative working and holidaying in the long run. Wherever you go, you have to start it out from scratch, literally.

Finding some cool thing to do, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and managing a positive travel experience from your main base of operations demands some unique mindsets and skills that are lacking at home.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • Travel From culture to food to spectacular sights to history, the great beauty of our mother earth, many people do fall in love with every aspect of travels. Being a digital nomad implies the ability to travel to satisfy the demands of your little heart.
  • Spontaneity – Being a digital nomad implies that each day that comes along is unlike any other. You only live once and no one likes redundancy, right?
  • Reduced living expenses – Though surprising, this approach reduces rental and utility expenses which are the two single largest expenses. You will still have to pay for them but the costs are considerably lower. This is particularly true in affordable countries like Thailand, Croatia, and Bali.
  • Networking – This way of working allows you to meet and mingle with other like-minded persons. In this way, you get to network and establish life-long relations that may be of value to you at a later date.
  • Personal growth – It is perhaps the most significant gain that awaits a digital nomad. This digital nomad lifestyle brings along irreplaceable life lessons and adventures besides the broader perspectives not to mention an enhanced understanding of the lives of fellow men.

How to Become a Digital Nomad

  • Necessary tools-of-trade – You may already be wondering how to become a digital entrepreneur. You must first and foremost bear in mind that digital nomadism is an echo system. This means it entails traveling around the world while at the same time eking out a living online. It requires the possession of the right tools and mindset.
  • Faster and reliable internet access – Needless to say, faster and reliable internet service is by all means called for. Not many countries and locations are able to confer this though.
  • The community of remote workers – Some sense of community is, by all means, necessary to bring out the best in the digital nomads. By connecting with like-minded persons, who live a more or less similar lifestyle, a digital nomad connects with others and stave off the sense of loneliness.
  • Co-working spaces or cafes – The digital nomads generally tend to value the diversity of spaces to operate from. They shun the 9-5 workday for a strategic purpose; they simply do not want to stay glued on a specific spot for too long. Having access to many co-working spaces and cafes to operate from maintains some freshness and adds some sense of creativity.

Having a co-working space to set up base, in an environment that is inspiring can trigger some creativity. Of necessity, this space must have or confer a variety of seating options. They could include standing desks, couches, and regular desks. This is to give you the freedom to select your preferred seating option.

  • Flexible working hours – It differs from the standard 9-5 working hours, and for a strategic reason.
  • Amenities – These include but are not limited to coffee, tea, and unbridled access to the nearby eateries for lunch and the swimming pools.

Digital Nomad Jobs

Perhaps the greatest advantage of being a digital nomad is the unparalleled freedom to travel to any location at a pace that is convenient for him. This is provided that the areas concerned have access to the internet.

These days, almost every location has access to the internet even if it is slow. The onus is hence on you to determine the kind of job you want to do and the best place to set up base.

– Programmer

Most digital nomads are programmers by profession. They speak one or more of the many computer languages that are necessary for communicating with some kind of digital interface. Due to that, it employs some steep learning curves.

– Website Developer

Website developers are some kinds of programmers. Some of them are as a matter of fact digital artists who only need to comprehend the basics of programming to undertake the task. They simply take the internet-based ideas and develop them. They are responsible for developing, testing, and maintaining the proper workings of the websites.

– App Developer

The purpose of an app developer is pretty similar to that of a website developer. Given that the coding styles and languages are diverse, they similarly require different skillsets.

They construct the layouts, features, and functionality of the applications. After that, they test it, analyze its weaknesses and fix any issues that may interfere with or compromise its proper workings.

– SEO Specialist

‘SEO’ stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its purpose is mainly to make the websites stand out on the search engine results pages. Without proper search engine optimization strategies, it is impossible for a website to find its audience or for a business to find clients. That is why truly skilled SEO experts are great and strongly recommended for the digital environment of today.

– Social Media Marketer, Manager

Social media management is quickly gaining currency and acceptance. Online marketing is the major advertising option for individuals and companies alike. Just about all brands have a presence on social media platforms. They subsequently require someone to build, fine-tune, analyze and take management of the social media presence.

– Digital Entrepreneur

These are most often business owners who have created a website or online services that are aimed at conferring values to the online communities. These owners constantly exceed the expectations of what doing business online entails in this digital age.

– Language Teacher

Stemming from the magic of the internet, two people from different areas of the globe are now able to communicate with one another. This arrangement enables things like the learning of new languages to be a reality.

– Writer

Writers are core components of the digital platforms. They draft content for the blog posts, video scripts, book reviews, e-books, advertisements, social media posts, e-mails, and websites.

– Designer

Just like writing, design is a widely known aspect of both the offline and the online worlds. Every product that has a visual aspect was handled by a dedicated designer.

Designers are exclusive to the digital age as companies require them to construct and maintain the identity of their brands such as the use of the logo, social media advertisements, and the overall appearance of the websites of a company.

– Video Creators

Video is fast dominating the online world. Video creators are also making the most of these platforms. Individuals and businesses alike are witnessing the amazing growth potentials that video marketing pose.

People on the other hand are fast attempting to produce video contents that are captivating, valuable, and entertaining to the ever-expanding digital audience world over.

– Blogger

Blogging is by far the simplest online business to venture into but the most difficult to master. For those who eventually master the game, the field is one of the most lucrative and effective nomad jobs that be out in the digital space.

Bloggers are some kinds of digital entrepreneurs. They differ from other kinds of entrepreneurs in that they offer content as opposed to tangible goods and services.

– Transcribing

It is one of the less creative online undertakings that also doubles up as being straightforward. Moreover, it is also easier to start regardless of where exactly a person might be in the world.

– Voice Talent

Voice talent may also be a great remote task to try a hand in. It also doubles up as being simple as in the case of recording audio content and sending the recorded file to the targeted client.

What is necessary is only great audio recording quality setup much as the microphone and the ability to pass your communications fluently.

– Data Entry

Whereas this may seem like a boring digital nomad task, it is in fact a highly demanding job that calls for limited experience on the part of the person undertaking.

– Strategic Consultant

It is a kind of consultancy that entails the use of a high-level concept of the business with the companies to sort out the issues that may arise in a reasonable and neutral manner.

– E-commerce

Shopping appears to be taking place via the online platform at a pace that is somewhat faster. Many stores are resorting to online platforms to sell their merchandise while others are moving fully online.

– Photographer

Photographers travel and capture scenes as they move about. You may hence also wish to provide these photographer services to the businesses in the areas that you are visiting. Photography is one of the more creative and scarcer to find work in as it demands that you market yourself and reach out to businesses and individuals regularly in the areas of your travels.

Best Digital Nomad Cities

– Bali

Bali has been frequented by hippies, bohemians, and hipsters. After the digital boom that sprouted the world over, it fast became the place to be for business-minded travelers in 2012.

– Estonia

At the onset of 2019, Estonia rolled out the world’s first digital nomad visa. It is also the cradle of Skype and Transfer wise while also stays at the forefront of championing the tech-driven digital era.

Estonia has been subsequently been mentioned as the ‘world’s digitally advanced society.’ It even went ahead to declare access to the internet a human right!

– Croatia

Croatia is officially providing temporary residence to digital nomads with effect from January 2021. The issuance of this permit enables the non-EU residence to reside in Croatia for a longer duration.

– Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has hundreds of co-working spaces and is also home to Starbucks and other leading cafes not to mention excellent wireless fidelity.

– Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is definitely one of the cheapest places in Asia. It is cheaper in all aspects from co-working spaces, to bikes hires to street foods. Existing also to relieve stress from you, this area confers plenty of yoga sessions via its network of meditation centers that are strewn across the city.

– Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is often one of the first places to pay a visit to quench the digital nomad thirst. This is given its low cost of doing business, reliable facilities, and an exotic environment for you to experience something unique or different.

– Tenerife, Spain

Ask any European about this location and they shall describe it as either a place to party or a place to retreat to for family holidays. The truth however is that it blends both for the digital nomads of just about any kind.


Digital nomadism is somewhat temporary in its approach. The digital nomads however eventually settle down. They may for instance decide to retreat home and rejoin their families and come up with a new home elsewhere.

You may for instance wish to escape the 9-5 for a short time, typically a year or a decade. In the end, though, some people will eventually find a place stay long term in other country . Of most importance, you will discover that you can indeed live life as per your own set of rules!

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