The Secret Of Happiness

The Secret Of Happiness
Written by Sulaiman

The Secret Of Happiness

When you think of the word happiness, what does it mean to you? There has always been a lot of discussion regarding the ambiguous emotion of being happy, and many people ask themselves where do they find happiness? How do they create it? What does it mean to be truly happy? There is not one answer to each of these questions, but there are multiple ways a person can find happiness, and the world does not find it in the same thing.

To wake up each morning feeling happy seems like a joyous thing for many, but often the feeling of happiness flees the hearts of many. Sometimes, we are unable to find happiness because we feel like we could be happiest if our situations were different. Perhaps someone wakes up every morning reminded of their debt or poorly running car, and they feel that if they had more money or a new car that they would suddenly gain a large amount of happiness. Can you relate to this type of situation? The truth is, we all have something to be happy about and we are all able to choose happiness each day.

What if I told you that happiness is not just for a select few elites but it is attainable for everyone? Would you believe me? Maybe you have seen others radiate with happiness and think about why are not doing the same. I am going to tell you about the secret of happiness and how everyone has the ability to obtain happiness. Happiness is not something you can physically touch, and while a person who owns a mansion, drives a Maybach, vacations annually in Europe, and has a perfectly toned body may appear to own all the happiness in the world, but just because you do not have these things does not mean you cannot be happy. Happiness is whatever we make it and it is not defined by things we own. Happiness develops from doing what you enjoy, where you want to experience your happiness, and who you want to enjoy it with.

There will always be obstacles that come up that may cause us to say, “I want to be a doctor but I would have to go to University for 10 years – where am I going to find the time to do this?”. In order to become happy you have to choose to be. Someone who is rich and owns their own successful business may actually be unhappy, and someone who has a big family and is surrounded by love may still be lonely. On the opposite side, someone who drives an old car, wears hand-me-down clothes, and may only have 1000 in their bank account may be incredibly happy and enjoy having good health and clothes to wear. If you can learn to appreciate whatever you are blessed with in life and learn to find some good in everything then you will know the secret of happiness.

People incorrectly believe happiness is a feeling, but it is not just a feeling that may temporary, it can be a way of life. There are some important principles to follow in order to choose happiness every day and figure out the meaning behind happiness. Perhaps, you will be surprised at how much you did not know about happiness. To begin with, you have to live in the present. Whatever happened yesterday or the month before is not as important to your today’s happiness as what is happening in the present. Next, it is important to focus on your thinking and the thoughts that possess your mind. If you decide that you will be happy then you will be able to become happy. Happiness is a state of mind and you have to think happy thoughts and believe in yourself in order to embody it.

Even though life can throw obstacles at us, we have to remember that we are in charge of our life, we make the rules when it comes to our feelings. Happiness is a product of telling yourself that you WILL go to school for 10 years to become a doctor, that you can achieve your dreams, and that you can be on your way to happiness. Choosing happiness is about making the right choices about who you share your time with, what your job is, how much knowledge you want to absorb, how you take care of your health, and how you spend your money. You will be surprised at how much happiness will radiate from your person when you eat the right food, create a happy space at home for yourself, spend time with amazing people, gain respect from others, and do things that are meaningful to you.

In order to find the secret to happiness, you have to stop looking for it. Instead, you should do everything you enjoy so that you feel good about yourself. By doing things every day that make you feel good then you will become so very happy. And, you do not have to do this 24/7, even spending a few minutes out of your day doing something that makes you smile will guide you towards happiness. Once you start doing the things that make you happy today then you will want to do them every day, and soon you will appreciate all your blessings and realize how easy happiness can come to you.

It is important that you also become aware of your five senses when you are on your journey to happiness. We need to use our senses so that we can become more intuitive and see everything that brings us pleasure in life. For example, imagine a pan of freshly baked muffins or the beautiful sound of rainfall while you are sitting inside by the fireplace. We can learn about what makes us happy by tuning into our five senses, as they are able to bring us happiness in many different ways.

Another way to seek out happiness is by looking at colors, and this does not mean looking at a box of crayons. You can bring happiness to your home by finding colors that make you happy, such as light blue, orange, and green, whereas colors like red have been known to cause anger. With these colors, you can paint the walls of your house, buy pillows of those colors, and even buy accents to decorate your house with that are colors that make you happy. These are some subtle ways of contributing to your daily happiness. Research has actually suggested that colors play an imperative role in one’s moods, so this may be helpful to think about when you are choosing happiness.

Overall, being aware of your surroundings and including things that make you happy in your daily life are key components to being happy. There is no road map for showing you how to find it, but there so many ways to help yourself change your mindset and focus on happy.

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