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In addition, to being a permanent home for some of the greatest innovations in the world, Museum of the Future will be the very thing to work, to foster and stimulate some imaginative solutions for the challenges that future cities may have to face. It will also, do its very best, to bring together the most intelligent of all researchers, as well as, very talented designers, inventors, and financiers all beneath one roof. What this very integrated environment will serve to do is to empower all of these creative minds for one objective. What is this one objective? The answer is to be able to test, fund, as well as, to market any bright ideas that they have for future prototypes to come and services.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who spoke at the launch ceremony, did have the following statement to say about the new “Museum of the Future.” “Our President, who is no other than His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan did officially declare 2015 as being the year of great innovation for United Arab Emirates.” “Today, we get to show just how very committed we are, as well as, very serious to that mission. This we can do by transforming the UAE into a major destination place for all innovators to come together and meet.” he went on to elaborate further about the “New Museum of the Future” project underway.

The New Museum of the Future’s motto will be this. This is “See the future and create the future.” This motto does insightfully reveal the government’s new approach towards innovation in itself. It is determined to not just show off exhibits and publish reports. It will take full advantage to the maximum for using design, technology prototyping, and the real vision to produce genuine examples for change. This special museum will be the first of its kind and will prove to be the one leading example for entrepreneurial governments welcoming change with open arms and coming up with very futuristic visions that will make for a better world overall.

“The future is something that does belong to all those who can imagine it, create it, and make it into a working reality. We, here in the UAE, do tend to think differently. While others may just want to predict it. We want to go a step beyond that and create it.” Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid did explain in detail.

The board of trustees for the new Museum of the Future is headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, but will also have many high profile national figures on the board, and there will also be Mohammed Al Gergawi as the acting vice president. There is a large endowment already in place that ensures that this museum will be in existence for many generations to come.

This New Museum of the Future will be situated in the Emirates Towers area. This is very near where Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. It is slated to be opened up to the public in 2017. Visitors who come to the New Museum of the Future will be able to experience firsthand simulations that are cutting edge and also interactive demonstrations that are just as equally awesome in description.

The structure that will make up the New Museum of the Future will not only bespoke technology, but also include various sections as well, which will be built by using 3D printing construction techniques. It will also have a very striking architecture that will definitely make it stand out as a unique form of museum like no other. This will categorize it as a destination for inspiration that many may seek out.

The New Museum of the Future will be home to, as well as, the host for innovation labs that will focus on health, education, smart cities, energy, and transport. It will also have a permanent section for all future innovations for all fields. It will prove to be the one versatile platform where the latest inventions can be both demonstrated and tested by tech giants, up and coming business start-ups, and any form of collaborations that do exist between companies and research institutes and universities that are leading in description.

The very creation of the New Museum of the Future is something that definitely reflects Sheikh Mohammed’s vision that a new approach is something that is required for times that are uncertain, fast-moving, and which are dynamic in order to come up with innovations that are long-lasting to reward both society and organizations alike.

It is crucial for governments and the private sector to have experimentation for the future that is both design-led and future-orientated in every way. This is so that governments and the private sector can clearly benefit from it in the best manner possible and have experimentation available as a working capability. The New Museum of the Future is founded on the very idea that the only way to make innovation happen is by creating it. This means that it can only become a reality with the help of design-led and forward-looking technology experimentation and the necessary prototyping.

The Museum of the Future will also be home to hosting scientific conferences, have advanced courses available, and also specialized workshops open on design and innovation as well. They will all cover the very latest that is available in scientific developments, trends and designs, and also their practical applications too.

This new and wonderful museum will also contribute very strongly to education in a big way. This will come via new curricula and novel approaches to design, innovation, and entrepreneurship for all students from across the globe. This is for students who are in collaboration with the most experienced and brightest of all experts out there.

Once it becomes a fully functional museum, the Museum of the Future will truly represent the future in every way, and this is by anticipating any important future trends in all of the fields that are connected to science and technology mainly. It will also serve to collaborate with all governments internationally in order to assist them in arriving at solutions for their current, and future work, and also service challenges.

“The world is going into a whole new era. This whole new era is one that is dominated by accelerated knowledge and awesome technological revolutions. We aim to be the leader in this new era, and to not fall behind, or even lag. Our “Museum of the Future” is just one step of many to come. It will mark the official beginning of many achievements that are yet to come for us.” commented Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid proudly about the New Museum of the Future.

Dubai our return to everything new and impressive and Museum of the Future will be one of Dubai`s successes stories.

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