Top 10 Places To Visit In Baku

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places to visit in baku

Baku is a wonderful city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Centuries-long history is reflected in its medieval landmarks, where the special place is given to the Old city called Icherisheher. On the other hand, it is a fast-growing megapolis with glittering skyscrapers and unusual architectural monuments of the 21st century. Oriental past and hi tech future is entwined in the way that it gives an impression of taking a journey through time, it is so rich in attractions that one can easily spend 4 days to visit all the attractions , here is Top 10 places to visit in Baku

1-Seaside Boulevard

A great boulevard with plenty of trees and benches in the main section, selection of restaurants and attractions, including the Baku Eye. Great for running in the mornings too.
When in Baku, don´t forget taking a nice stroll on the boulevard, both during the day and at night (where you can see the Flames lit up!).
Several stands of food available.
If you have time, go all the way from the center to the stadiums!
it is a Good place for having fun with friends and family, also a great place for taking photos.


2-Old Town (Icherishere)

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these quaint alleys and buildings are enclosed by the old city walls with lots of precarious balconies and beautiful historical doors to admire while you amble away a sunny afternoon. Many caravanserais to discover including the place where Margaret Thatcher signed the preliminary agreement between Azerbaijan, BP and Statoil in 1992.
Also, within these walls is Shivanshah’s Palace and Maiden’s Tower just outside.

I strongly recommend a tour or just a walk around the Old City in Baku. Something I had never experience anywhere else. I suggest that if you decide to do a visit and walk around to make sure you have a map, since you can loose your way very easy. They provide walking tours at the entrance from the double gates.


3-Fountains Square and Nizami Shopping Street

There are several fountain in this square, Main fountain, fountain balls and more.
.The area of the fountain is nice and a lot of seating to enjoy the sene
A beautiful public square in the centre of Baku. Great place to find many new international restaurants including Hard Rock Cafe Baku. Fast following in the footsteps of Parisian cafe culture with many new cafes where you can indulge in creative coffees and pastries and simply watch the world go by. Plus at a fraction of the price of Paris! If you feel tired strolling around, don’t worry take some rest or even enjoy your favorite snack in your favorite restaurants. few munits waking from the suqoare you will reach
Nizami Street it is the best thing in Baku. It is vibrant, full of people, full of life. Beautiful people, beautiful place, full of life and hustle bustle. The place is lined up with restaurants, cafe’s, bars, clubs and shopping sppts. Nizami is also the best place to get souvenirs in Baku. With Roman styled buildings beautifully decorated with lights, the place is a sight to behold. You can just sit on a bench, watch people pass by and it will be most amazing. It’s always best to get a hostel or a hotel on or around Nizami if you’re in Baku.
This street is the best point in Baku and i 100% recommend to visit here.


4-Upland Park

Definitely the best view of Baku, easily accessed by the funicular or steps up and down if you’d rather walk. Very clean and pretty
It is located in the centre of Baku. It is unique in so far as it offers a magnificent panorama of the city and of Baku bay and beyond into the Caspian Sea. The Park also houses the Alley of Martyrs, where the victims of Black January 1990 are buried along with the soldiers killed in the Karabakh war. Due to the memorial and graves, the park is very calm and peaceful and I can imagine it is an ideal place for the locals to come and de-stress and reflect. Well worth a visit


5-Flame Towers

The three towers represent flames in the land of fire (Azerbaijan). Obviously the best time to see them is at night when the colourful display begins. Combined with a very pleasant stroll along the sea front this makes for a very enjoyable experience. The Flame Towers are the most visible landmark of Baku. As you tour around the old town, you walk around a corner and suddenly get these great views of the 21st century tower juxtaposed with the medieval old town…makes for great photos. It is not necessary to visit the towers, just enjoy the views. If you want to get up close, go on the funicular up to the Dagustu Park.


6-Carpet Museum
The new carpet museum building,Building is shaped like a rolled up carpet with windows on the ends I think it opened late summer/early fall is in the shape of a rolled up carpet. It is in the center of Baku, along the Caspian Sea.
There are three floors of marvelous old rugs displayed in a brand new way. The lighting is excellent and the guide was well versed and fielded all questions handily. The center of the museum explains the history of carpet making and is close to the appropriate carpets on display. Carpets are on the curved exterior wall of the museum and presented well. Audio guide available with interesting commentary in English.
It was a definite highlight in Baku


7-Heydar Aliyev Center
it is a quite impressive building with its architectural consistence
Regardless you like architecture or not this place worths the visit. All white with endless and suggesting curves it is the icon of the most contemporary Baku. Once you are there, it is really unbelievable!!
This center is a landmark of modern architecture designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, I admire very much. There you’ll see lots of Azerbaijanian cultural sights, this is the national clothes, carpet weaving techniques, modern art, musical instruments, e.t.c. Also you’ll see photo and video exhibition of important facts from Heydar Aliyev’s lifetime. I definitely recommend to visit Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center.



Located 60 km from Baku the State Historical-Artistic Reserve “Qobustan” is an open-air museum. It’s listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as “outstanding universal value” for the quality and density of its rock art engravings – more than 6,000 drawings on 1,000 rocks, more than 100,000 artefacts and others
There you’ll see a lot of rock art pieces – petroglyphs reflecting the culture, economy, philosophy, customs and traditions of ancient people. In addition to this there is a Latin inscription dating back the 1st century AD, which testifies to the presence of Roman legions near Baku. The oldest of the images belongs to the Mesolithic era.


9- Mud Volcano

The Mud Volcanoes in Qobustan was part of a day trip outside of Baku.Very neat place with several dozen mud volcanoes from a few centimeters to several meters, burping gently. Fascinating! Having seen the rock art earlier in the day we headed for the Mud Volcanoes and those were the highlight of the day. Over 300 of them dot the landscape and once you get over the bumpy road in to see them it is quite a great experience! There is no official tourist centre or anything like that here so you can walk around in the blazing sun (bring a hat and water) enjoy the views, touch the mud (it’s a lot colder than we thought it would be)


10- Yanardagh

since thousands of years, the fire is burning and non stop. the heat at the surroundings makes you forget the cold and spine thrilling experience. muscial stones and orchestra is present in the same area ,It s an amazing and hypnotizing view. I was reading abt it in some book and Marco Polo as well described in his travel report a flame naturally burning from the earth. That country so full of gas that it needs to breath through the earth,It’s a truly amazing sight to see the rocks burning , but it’s also not more than that . It takes a few minutes to experience this phenomenon but that’s it . Not a place you can go to to spend a few hours , just af few minutes will do . Certainly not to miss when on a trip on the Absheron peninsula but not as a destination to fill a day trip .

Baku is a great place. One who thinks with stereotypes will never see the most remarkable places on the planet. Azerbaijan is a magnificent, very beautiful country with an ancient history. Wonderful people, wonderful culture. Yes, and local cuisine is just a delicacy

here is a video about these Baku Attractions

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